Just a thought

The other day I was thinking about how it is November already and theyear is almost over. In January I have to start thinking about a return date. I just got here! Righ now I´m kind of missing home so I´m not really worried about leaving in July but I don´want to get back to Ohio and not be fluent in Spanish and I just got to my first host family and I don´t know if I will have to switch soon. I´m hoping I don´t leave until July even though school ends in June, i think.

Another thing. I heard how cold it is in Ohio now and it´s not cold here at all. Everyone else is wearing jackets and scarves and complain how cold they are while I´m wearing a thin cover up sweater and getting hot all the time. And when people say that it sometime snows here I say that it always snows in Dayton. I keep trying to explain that here cold is 0-2 degrees C which is in the 30s degrees F and in Dayton it can get up to -18 degrees F or, around -25 to -30 degrees C. This winter I´ll probably be wearing a jacket that I would wear during October in Dayton.

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